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Manufacturers of food processing and packaging equipment are being driven to offer a broader selection of products at lower costs and supplement their offerings with smart technologies, design and other services. Packaging logistics is a multidisciplinary approach, integrating the packaging system and logistic system to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire supply chain. The design principles for sustainable packaging can be summarized as  effective, efficient, cyclic and safe. Research and development spending, along with increasing competition, patent expiries and new technologies are leading the market in a new direction. The overall revenue for the market increased from 2011 to 2013 due to new advancements, new product launches and changing lifestyles, which will all influence market growth in the foreseeable future. 

  • Ethylene &Co2 Scavengers, Ethanol Emitters and Moisture absorbers
  • Regulatory issues, consumer acceptability and equipment considerations
  • Metal, Paper and Paperboard Packaging: Manufature and Design
  • Packaging Materials and Systems
  • Smart technologies
  • Intelligent labels
  • Sensor development
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Gases used in MAP

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